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-Totally Custom 3 minute song

-7 Day Delivery

-Mixed + Mastered

-5 Revisions

-Analog synths / drums

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Custom Song

or beat


Personalized to

your exact tastes, 

mixed + mastered 

to perfection 

Inquire about vocal mixing

if needed


R&B, Pop, Hip-hop, Dark Synth




"Blue Dream"


119 Ingraham St.

Brooklyn, NY

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Your executive producer & vision coach

  • Make the best music you’ve ever made

  • Finish your songs, mixed + mastered

  • Meet your goals

  • Hone your strengths

  • Real organic growth

  • Unique, one-on-one coaching

  • In depth, personalized guidance

  • Radically creative

  • “Long Game” - be an artist for life

  • Hone your niche, target your audience

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Hi I'm Harris, highly-creative outside-the-box producer whose passion is purely music driven. My specialty is working closely with singer/songwriters to help them assess their skills and goals, and then execute all the necessary creative steps, from vision & concept to production, to mixing and mastering. 


The most rewarding thing for me is working with you to flesh out your vision with the highest emphasis on originality. I'm passionate about breaking the rules; flipping things on their head, turning the box inside out. We will embrace imperfection, embrace your crazy absurd ideas, and develop your unique self to be completely genuinely YOU. This is the way to create work that will last centuries. We play the long game; developing REAL skills and assets, honing your craft, and believing in our vision 100%.


We will go over your music, your influences, your goals. Then I will create new tracks for you based on reference tracks, customized and tailored to your specifications. We can chat over the phone or Skype. I'm proud to offer UNLIMITED revisions on all work, because I'm that confident that I can get your music sounding EXACTLY how you want it to sound.


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