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Finish 6 songs in 6 months with


Free songwriting masterclass

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Step 1. Watch the free training to learn exactly how to finish your songs, create fearlessly and constantly progress, with me as your executive producer!

Step 2. Book a FREE "Production Coaching Demo" Below (first come, first serve. Only 8 spots rem
aining for this cohort)

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Artists I've worked with

Some current **unreleased** work that I'm pumped about  🥹

More about Harris Mac . . . 

  • I’ve produced such artists as: 

    • Cathedrals (20M+ streams) 

    • Von Sell (7M+ streams) 

    • AYER (4M+ streams) 

    • Jak Lizard (3M+ streams) 

  • Releases on Earmilk, Kitsuné, Hillydilly, Neon Gold and more

  • Attended Oberlin College and Pyramind Audio Production School

  • Trained in classical and jazz piano

  • Over 20,000 hours writing and producing music

    • I was not a naturally skilled musician - I’ve been hustling at this for 14 years, I’ve made all the mistakes, I’ve learned all of the hard lessons

  • Why im telling you this

    • You don't have to be naturally gifted to be a great artist. It’s just about putting in the work

    • It's never too late to learn how to FINISH SONGS

    • …Doesn't have to take a LONG time, if you follow my guidance

  • Now I own my dream studio in New York and have been making a living off music for 6 years

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